A Digital Geek in Data Real World

Without great and sufficient data, how are we able to analyze every detail comprehensively?

Goh Kok Han

Hey! I’m just an ordinary youngster in everyone’s eyes. 

In fact, I’m a data lover a.k.a digital geek in data real world! I love storytelling and transforming boring data into insights. I hosted and developed gohkokhan.com not only to make my leisure time more meaningful but also intended to transform those boring data into interesting storytelling

I’ve earned a bachelor’s degree in Financial Mathematics during my university life. However, I started to transform what I’ve learned into data real world in order to create more insightful projects which might help people to understand complicated data in a much simpler and interesting way.

Initially, I started my career as a Data Scientist Intern at a start-up department. However, due to lack of resources, I need to learn the whole process from data extraction, data cleaning, to data visualization. I figured out that I spent most of the time on data engineer stuff as I understand without great and sufficient data, how are we able to analyze every detail comprehensively?  Meanwhile, I also did stuff like what data scientists do, which is creating models and analysis.

Goh Kok Han

All the servers and hosting are maintained by myself alone and I’m the only me, Kok Han! I’m a Malaysian who loves to inspire and help people with all my simple and insightful data. I will keep learning as always without giving up in order to create more interesting and useful projects for everyone.

If you like my work or have the same passion as me, you will feel right at home here!

You can follow me @gohkokhan or shoot me an email at [email protected] I love to make new friends from different countries and I will definitely revert to you within the shortest time!


Kok Han