Coronavirus Interactive Dashboard (Tweaked) on Google Data Studio

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  1. Hi Goh!

    Love the dashboard. Have a feature request if you’re going to keep working on it.

    Can you add the ability to filter by date? For instance I’d love to be able to explore just yesterday’s data.

  2. Australia is up to 5 deaths and more cases now. Maybe whatever you’re pulling your data from for this country is inaccurate

  3. Hi!
    nice site!It would be cool implemented the logarithmic scale for “Total Cases” and “Daily New Cases”


  4. Hi,
    first I want to highlight that this dasboard is one of the best available in my point of view. Thanks for that!
    But could you think about providing the dashboard as a standalone link instead of embedding it into this article?
    Having frames in frames in frames in frames drives me nuts.

  5. Very nice and informative, but please allow all plots to use log scale since it is difficult to see low range, and log scale shows exponential growth much better.

  6. Hello it would be nice if we could plot different countries progressions over time in the same graph for comparison.

  7. Thank you so much for your hard work updating this site. It is the only tracker I use now.
    Is there any way you could link a .csv file of your data? Or can you share the place where you are getting your raw data? I am doing my own tracking and predictions based on the numbers and would love to have the raw data to manipulate.
    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Dan, the data is from JHU I wrote scripts to pull it 24/7. The data is hosted on Google BigQuery. I am planning to share the dataset, but the tables are pretty messy right now. I’ll clean it up and share in the future.

    1. Hi Roberto, it really depends on my data source JHU, if they are providing such data, I will surely integrate it into the dashboard. Thank you!

  8. Nice improvements – this is now one of the best dashboards out there.
    One suggestion – on bar charts, show the current day as a hollow or faded rectangle, so as not to give the early impression of a downturn.

    1. Thanks Charles! Great idea! However, that is a limitation of Data Studio (the tool that I am using) Stay safe!

  9. Just want to say thanks for this… I have been coming to this on a daily basis for reference. Sorry you have a day job other than making great content like this!

    1. Subscribe to my newsletter. I’ll write a tutorial. In short, I have corn job running 24/7 to get scrape the data from JHU, clean it, and load it into BigQuery via BQ command.

  10. This is great, thank you so much! If you are looking for ideas I would love to see a map that is colored by “confirmed per 100k” rather than raw number of confirmed. Also a way to change the time period in the plots, so for example, I can see what Italy or South Korea looked like earlier in the outbreak.

  11. Awesome work on creating & maintaining this dashboard Goh! It’s the one I hit up when I want to see the latest with what’s going on 👌🏽

    – Suth

  12. Probably the plot mainland China vs non China has no more much reason to be now, you could consider substituting it with a plot of the % increase (the actual log coefficient) or a log-log plot of the total cases (the power-law coefficient) that could give a further point of view on the dynamic. thank you!

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