Coronavirus Interactive Dashboard (Mobile)

  1. Would it be possible to indicate the average ‘age’ of confirmed cases, as in how many days ago the case was confirmed (not the age of the patient)?

    It’d be interesting to know which states/countries have a high or low death/recovery rate because they’re handling things well vs. because they’re only now starting to be hit by this.

    1. I meant to show this in the table view, it’s visible in the graphs if you click on a country, but hard to quickly compare.

      It also seems like it’s be interesting to know the population size of each country.

  2. Thank you for building this dashboard, especially for including the semilog plots. These should be the default, though: for an exponentially growing process (like a pandemic) all the action is going to be in the right 1/3 of the plot unless you use a semilog plot. Plus, a semilog scale allows you to estimate the growth rate on a range of temporal scales. Surely the most (perhaps only) useful piece of information that anyone really cares about is “how fast is this thing growing?” However, to be truly useful, one must be able to compare growth rates between different countries and times. This requires the scales of both the x & y axes to be the same when plotting different countries or regions. Is there any way to do this using your dashboard? It would be extremely useful and informative.

    1. Hi Christopher, thanks for your feedback! Excellent ideas, I’ll try to make it! I am currently working to ensure data accuracy and validation first. Stay safe there!

  3. Hey man,

    You’re doing a great job because the information here is critical to understand what is happening. More people should look at the data the way you are showing it and I’m very thankful for it. Keep it up man!

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